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Coda is an all-in-one text editor, capable to aid with any operations, related to iOS-development. Remote or local file management, cloud sync, syntax highlighting for any relevant web-programming language, air preview, SSH terminal – this list is far from the full set of application abilities, and it is not a limit. Indeed, Coda is one of the best proficient software suites for web-development, available on iOS market.

Primary Coda features

Here we will try to highlight the most stunning applet opportunities, which leverage your choice to Coda profit:

  • each of your individual projects, remotely or locally, and instantly get access to the specific files, required for editing. After that you may use an exclusive built-in Panic Sync service in order to sync those project resources with Transmit iOS and Coda Mac, transparently and easily;
  • embedded file manager with saturated gamma of functional options: create folders, duplicate, rename, upload, download, edit, locally or remotely, - anything you may need in your daily practice;
  • clips and templates, which assist you to avoid repeated code fragments, and load the specific headers and footers in a single tap;
  • ultimate find/replace abilities, which give you the chance to flexibly rearrange, swap or replace code pieces and execute their proper adjustment;
  • tabs support. The way to switch between the active files, being edited, is as fast as possible. Due to the code optimization, the multi-tab toggling is really easy and simple;
  • compatibility with context keys. The special section of your iOS virtual keyboard gives you an access to the most helpful and useful special characters. Such a workflow will allow you to optimize your time for work and get rid of delays while typing all the same text fragments (loops, operators, etc.) again and again.

The suggested package suggests you the unbelievable user experience, flexible and optimal projects management and handling, without spending time on recurring routines, related to repetitive code typing and find/replace tricks. Surely, if you decide to download Coda and install it onto your iPhone or iPad, each penny of that investment will be worthy of your efforts. Coda supports any operations with html, xml files and other technologies, dedicated to web-programming.

Format compatibility:

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