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Gitden Reader

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Gitden Reader

Gitden Reader is a freeware mobile e-reader for Android and iOS, which conforms to the highest standards of ePub 3.0 specification. Currently this particular program is one of the best ways to reveal ePub 3.0 potential right on your smartphone or tablet without the necessity to switch to desktop PC. Thanks to amicable and stylish GUI and design, it will take a few seconds to get used to visual part of the solution and to discover the most vital functional abilities of the project. Gitden Reader is distributed on the totally free basis and doesn’t include in-app purchases or micro-transactions.

Primary Gitden Reader features

Further we will make an attempt to find out, what exactly makes the tool so special and what outstanding capabilities it contains:

  • excellent compliance with the most recent ePub 3.0 characteristics, i.e. fixed and reflowable book layout, Media Overlay, CSS3 and jаvascript, SVG and MathML technologies (the whole range of built-in MathJax library functions is presented), vertical and right-to-left writing orientation, especially useful for reading the e-books in Japanese and so on;
  • exporting of notes or highlights to an external text file;
  • zoom in a table or an image in a body text via double tap on the touchscreen;
  • import of text and ePub files into the internal organizer;
  • compliance with Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services (for instance, you may read e-book directly from the cloud without downloading the content from the server. This specific feature allows to read ePub books format only in such a way);
  • support of OPDS catalogues;
  • implementation of TTS (read aloud) technology.

Additionally, adjustment of screen brightness for adaptation to user environment, highlighting the corresponding phrases or word combinations and search in dictionary should also be added to the list above. Due to the raising popularity of multimedia and interactive components, embedded into the ordinary e-book and digital content, this utility will definitely conquer lots of followers in the nearest couple of years. So, download Gitden Reader for free and join the enormous community of ePub 3.0 readers and fans. The utility supports ePub format only and doesn’t fit for viewing the e-books with DRM-protection.

Format compatibility:

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