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ePub3 Reader

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ePub3 Reader

ePub3 Reader is a Metro-style eBooks reader for Windows, available from the Windows Store. The package can be run only on Windows 10 and 8.1, as far as only those OS generations are capable to run apps from Metro GUI-based Start menu. Moreover, in Windows 7 and earlier builds Windows Store is not implemented. ePub3 Reader offers the person a chance to use all the amazing possibilities, provided by the latest ePub 3.0 specifications, such as specialized formatting, precise layout (Fixed Layout Documents) and MathML support.

Primary ePub3 Reader features

Let’s put an emphasis on the most influential functional options, provided by the program:

  • full-scope compliance with ePub 3.0, ePub 2.0 and ePub 1.0 standards;
  • import of your entire personal EPUB collection right into the applet, that gives you a chance to read on the go or remotely;
  • organization of your digital content library into distinct categories;
  • flexible and fast e-books search engine;
  • built-in zoom in/zoom out mechanics;
  • automatic remembering of your latest actual reading position;
  • the capability to create and manage the bookmarks;
  • embedded possibility to toggle theme background.

In general, the tool is quite efficient in work and perfectly operates on the laptops or tablets even with archaic hardware architecture. Furthermore, the distributive size is very small, and it will take maximum half a minute to download ePub3 Reader for free from Windows Store and install it onto your desktop machine or portable/handheld device. It should also be marked, that this software solution supports only eBooks, stored in ePub format disregarding its version.

Format compatibility:

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