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ChmPlus is a competent feature-packed eBook reader for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad mobile (portable) devices and Macs with the support of chm, ePub, rtf, html, pdf and other digital formats. This software package suggests all the functional options and abilities, sufficient for comfortable, smooth and steady eBooks reading. Currently the author supports two branches of his software project for iOS: free and Pro, whereas for Mac you may get only one, paid version distributive. As we may note, in functional aspect free build contains exactly the same features, as the commercial Pro-release, so you may purchase and download ChmPlus Pro just in order to voluntarily support and motivate the developer for the further application maintenance.

Primary ChmPlus features

Here’s the short glance on the distinctive abilities, which the package can boast of:

  • annotation/highlight of the most interesting peculiar passages or phrases;
  • remembering the bookmarks, which aids you to go on with eBook reading precisely from the position you recently stopped;
  • flexible and fast search engine. Using these mechanics, you may seek for desired word, name or title either in the whole document or on specified page only;
  • full-scope support of CHM file objects, available in multiple languages;
  • compatibility with pinch to zoom feature;
  • flawless navigation through the table of contents;
  • turning the page with a bare swipe on the touchscreen;
  • compliance with the orientation lock and auto rotation tricks;
  • support of CHM digital pages, which include .mht composite fragments;
  • selection and switch between day and night reading modes;
  • embedded web-navigator for viewing and opening external links and images;
  • extensive file management operations, among which are files transfer via iTunes File

Sharing/Wi-Fi (HTTP & FTP) services, opening of the documents with third-party apps, docs import from Email or external applets, etc. After you download ChmPlus for free, you obtain a fully operational software solution, which will serve you without any restrictions as long as you need. By the way, the tool is compatible with chm, epub, rtf, html, pdf, docx, doc and txt eBook formats.

Format compatibility:

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