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CHMate is a CHM and EPUB eBooks viewer for iOS, which offers the amazing opportunities and user experience, usually not peculiar to a free iOS-mobile applet. In addition to finding the desired text fragments in any part of the book, adding notes and bookmarks to your preferred quotes and word combinations and organization of your entire digital content into personal libraries, CHMate offers the ultimate iCloud integration and a mass of other bonus options. The developer suggests the users two versions of his application: free and premium. The commercial premium build is available as an in-app purchase or as a stand-alone package. You can try using free applet before you decide to buy CHMate Premium, or download CHMate for free and keep working with it for unlimited period of time without upgrade. Let’s elaborate on the possibilities of both branches in detail.

Primary CHMate features

This utility is a great way to read CHM files indeed. So, let’s find out what makes it so special precisely:

  • embedded iCloud integration. After sync with the cloud, you may keep your current page up-to-date, notes, highlights and bookmarks everywhere. Furthermore, you are able to maintain the organization of your CHM content in the shape of personal collections, which will appear on all of your mobile devices;
  • adjustable line height, configurable fonts for code snippets, body text and heading;
  • efficient execution of scrolling, which allow you to avoid lags during the page turns;
  • adding notes and highlighting your favorite text fragments via the consistent bookmarking possibilities;
  • displaying all images, available on the page, after they are all gathered by the engine and become accessible;
  • simple adjustment of the screen brightness, which easily adapts to lighting of your environment;
  • adding the file objects via iTunes File Sharing service or desktop web-browser.

With CHMate you may read only one book at the moment. This is the only limitation of the free application version. If such a distinction is relevant for you, you can download CHMate Premium and get the extensive support for the product in addition to the opportunity to read several books simultaneously. CHMate is compatible with chm and epub eBooks formats.

Format compatibility:

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