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Chm Reader X

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Chm Reader X

Chm Reader X is an ultra-light, productive and fast CHM-viewer for Android-based mobile phones and tablets. Thanks to high optimization, the applet perfectly operates even on outdated gadgets and OS builds without delays and freezes, that make it a profitable choice for those, who are willing to review any help-file or documentation to the software product. According to the freeware license, the Chm Reader X package is distributed without any financial obligations. Moreover, the program doesn’t contain ad-banners and includes the built-in eBook manager, which offers the opportunity to categorize all your digital content following the defined criteria.

Primary Chm Reader X features

Here come the highlights of significant functional options, relevant to the project:

  • improved performance via entirely rewritten CHM parsing engine. An exclusive bonus is the ability to handle CHM files of large sizes (over 100 Mb) much faster, than other e-readers can do;
  • great compliance with CHM documents, which are badly or incorrectly formatted. Miscellaneously, the reader is able to view files, which can’t be opened by other competitive products at all;
  • the support of content tree view;
  • reliable search mechanisms, implemented into the applet;
  • consistent full-screen mode;
  • remembering of the recent reading states, such as zoom level between specific read sessions and page position;
  • full-scope support of html and text file objects;
  • convenient page turns, executed by volume down/up press;
  • the association with HTML/CHM resources in the eBook manager;
  • fast scroll, which fits for impactful page turns.

If you own a mobile device, acquired about 3-4 years ago or earlier, this product will be best solution for viewing CHM files remotely. Download Chm Reader X for free and you will avoid possible irritation while trying to open heavy-weight documents on the mobile device with low hardware characteristics. The tool is sustainable for opening chm, html and txt files extensions.

Format compatibility:

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