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Chmox is an open-source freeware CHM-reader for mac OS platform. Despite the voluntary product development and support, the featured toolset of the program is overloaded with attractive abilities and options, that transform the applet into powerful and reliable program means for handling and managing CHM file objects in your desktop environment. Chmox is an ultimate solution for mac OS only and does not maintain the support with any other operation system.

Primary Chmox feature

The range of functions, available in Chmox, is quite diverse. Here is the description of the most vital of them:

  • responsive and well-organized GUI, which instantly reacts on navigating through the documentation and such usual and accustomed operations, as searching in the whole document or on the specific page, setting and remembering the bookmarks, etc.;
  • smooth and accurate displaying of fonts, which massively helps to identify and separate the paragraphs visually, as well as to highlight the most crucial elements of the CHM-document;
  • fast and efficient navigator on the side panel, which allows to immediately switch to desired chapter with a bare mouse click or finger tap on touch-screen;
  • perfect usability, which offers the great user experience while dealing with sophisticated and compound CHM documentation files. The package perfectly fits to any user category, regardless of their former practices and awareness about document structure and composition.

If you have tackled with the necessity to review the help file, which contains relevant data regarding the proper ability or built-in feature of the product, it is sufficient to download Chmox for free and install the distributive directly on your hard drive. All the rest will be clear to you at once after the described phases. The project is compliant with chm file extensions only.

Format compatibility:

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