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Help Explorer Viewer

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Help Explorer Viewer

Help Explorer Viewer is a freeware fully-featured CHM viewer for Windows and Linux platforms. If you require to open any help file (chm, or any other corresponding format) of any complexity, the author gives 100% guarantee that this specific tool will be capable to resolve your task. In general, help files were very often used as a documentation for early Windows program suites. Before they have been finally replaced with HTML and XML, any respectful Windows-project stored its documentation in the form of plain CHM. If you deal with one of those packages, Help Explorer Viewer will serve as a very helpful program means, regardless of the desktop operation system you are dealing with: all, except Mac OS.

Primary Help Explorer Viewer features

Let’s elaborate the most important and crucial abilities of the app toolset and visual part:

  • refined and stylish graphical interface with easy and flawless access to any of the accessible tools with a single mouse click or finger tap. The designers have thoroughly worked over the idea to make the navigation through the app modules and components hassle-free and circumspect, so that the user won’t tackle with any obstacles or logical misbehavior in the result. As you may concern, this idea was successfully brought into life;
  • tight integration of the suite into your OS shell and every-day apps. If you need to open the desired help file directly from the context menu, Help Explorer Viewer offers the app owner such a chance. On Linux environment the integration is well-thought as well. Thus, on both systems you may handle help files naturally and at ease;
  • free model of distribution without any functional or timely limitations.

Considering the solid age of this software initiative, the user may encounter some problems, trying to download Help Explorer Viewer for free and install it on Win 8.1 or 10 builds. However, as the external testers claim, for all previous Windows generations the package suits as a native OS help files viewer. Regarding the supported formats, the tool supports chm extension in bundle with other similar-purposed file types. The support of the project by the developer is ceased.

Format compatibility:

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