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XML Viewer

XML Viewer

XML Viewer is one of the simplest program tools, dedicated to displaying any URL, which contains valid XML code in the shape of colored and highlighted XML-tree. By default, in iOS system Safari web-browser serves for representing plain URLs as XML-content, but in this case the formatting and special markup is not applied. If you require to show the XML-object as hierarchical tree with syntax highlight, you may refer to Safari or Firefox extension called “xmlviewplugin”. Thus, XML Viewer applet fulfills the same purpose, without the necessity to install any extensive third-party software.

Primary XML Viewer features

Here is the short review of most vital components and special abilities of the utility:

  • simplified, finesse and pleasant interface, which provides all the required options, accessible directly from the toolbar or active panel. Among the differences of the tool in comparison with other competent products, the user gets access to bright and expressive color gamma, slick toolset and efficient workflow of the package;
  • flexible and customized functional spectrum. The XML-code is represented similarly to the best desktop solutions, all tags and attributes are separated according to their types and destinations;
  • the ability to add configurable bookmarks, which the user may create from scratch, modify or drop. Such a workflow massively facilitates the navigation through the XML-content via a single tap or swipe.

As the reviewers of the distributive claim, the ordinary users may tackle with several disfunctions during the operations with the app. For instance, the XML code can be occasionally non-revealed in the active form. Additionally, the user has no option to search via XPath, which is a considerable limitation. In conclusion, the program does not contain progress bar. Nevertheless, the author still supports his project, and as we may only guess, the negative feedback is taken under consideration and the work over the mistakes is not far away. So, download XML Viewer from the App Store, and the splendid way to operate with XML-files is guaranteed. The tool is compliant with xml extension only.

Format compatibility:

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