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Textastic Code Editor

Textastic Code Editor

Textastic Code Editor is a light, exquisite and elegant markup, code and text editor for iOS and mac OS platforms. This applet is a must-have acquirement for web-developers and web-designers, as far as it is fully compliant with more than 80 specific markup and programming languages. Moreover, if you are using remote multi-server storage of your project’s source code, the package allows to connect to WebDAV, SFTP or FTP servers or to your accustomed cloud service (Google Drive or Dropbox). The last, but not least profit of the Textastic Code Editor, is that it owns embedded WebDAV server, which assists to simply transfer files from PC or Mac through Wi-Fi with couple of taps.

Primary Textastic Code Editor features

Below we will concentrate on the most influential elements of the software solution:

  • highlighting of the syntax for more than 80 programming and scripting languages, including HTML and XML;
  • compatibility with TextMate syntax themes and definitions;
  • code snippets for HTML and the most common other languages functions;
  • WebDAV server;
  • iCloud Drive;
  • symbol list, which severely facilitates the navigation over the file;
  • advanced support of external keyboard;
  • representation of miscellaneous keys over the virtual keyboard, which simplifies the routine of typing characters, often applied for programming;
  • the wheel of cursor navigation to make text selection as easy and convenient as possible;
  • built-in swipe gestures to make the cursor moving procedure more transparent;
  • configurable font sizes and fonts;
  • the compatibility with most encodings such as MacRoman, CP 1251, ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8;
  • Find & Replace module included (considering the regular expressions as well);
  • precise and refined file information, with data regarding word count and character count is included;
  • remote and local web-preview for Markdown and HTML files.

As soon as new iPhone and iPad models are released on the market, the developers instantly update the utility with the support of all modern gadgets. So, if you want to achieve professional program means to handle and operate the web-code, download Textastic Code Editor and build sustainable and bug-free projects right from your mobile device or Mac. The distributive supports html, xml and tex formats, in addition to about 80 other popular programming, markup and script web-languages.

Format compatibility:

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