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SCREEM is a tag-based HTML-editor, which assists in such tasks, as site upload and maintenance facilities, including link updating in automatic mode. The tool also perfectly fits for accustomed targets, i.e. creating web-pages, modifying the source code or iterative debugging. The title “SCREEM” abbreviates from Site Creating and Editing Environment. For Linux developers this software suite serves as competitive program means with the only considerable limitation, - the tool is not GUI-featured with concern to pages display. The application is shared on the foundationof the GNU open-source license.

Primary SCREEM features

The list of the applet vital key components is here as follows:

  • compatibility with CTags. The quick and finesse side bar guarantees the effective accessibility to files they are in and relevant functions. Moreover, the autocompletion for appropriate symbols, generated from same-type documents as the active ones is provided miscellaneously;
  • support of CVS (control version system). These specific mechanics sustainably aids for collaborative work over the same project for several developers, and perform change tracking. In order to activate this feature, some setup stages are required for integrating active CVS, used by your enterprise and installed onto your OS, into the current project;
  • display of document structure. This view mode is particularly helpful if you require to find the source of the tag or component, or to make sure that you have correctly closed the recent HTML or XML elements;
  • Doctype/DTD parsing. This function is implemented as a way to identify the exact doctype, used by the page or to process the DTD file. SCREEM entirely conforms to the latest XML/SGML, Docbook or WML standards and specifications, in addition to accustomed basic HTML language.

It should be noted, that this list is non-exhaustive. Helper applications support, inline tagging, Intelliclose, page previewing, link fixing and much more other extensive options are left away from your attention, so download SCREEM for free and achieve personal experience while getting used to the app workflow. The applet is compatible with xml and html file formats.

Format compatibility:

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