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Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio is a feature-jammed slick software suite for development, testing and debugging XML and related technologies. Due to the availability of customized and intuitive WYSIWYG-interface, the user may get used to the suite capabilities barely in a glance. Stylus Studio is a perfect solution, fit for the complex and sophisticated IT-projects, which involve SCRUM or Agile methodologies and advanced business processes. If you need to achieve fully operational project result, which entirely satisfies your needs and conforms to the latest W3C standards, pay an exclusive attention to this particular program.

Primary Stylus Studio features

The distributive consists of distinct modules, dedicated to the specific purposes and targets. Here’s a list of components, which this tool contains:

  • XML differencing, validating, parsing and viewing;
  • XQuery performance tweaking, mapper, debugger and editor;
  • XSLT mapper, designer, debugger and editor;
  • XML mapping toolset, which associates the XML file object to PDF or to XML; database, HTML or EDI to XML; or HTML to XML;
  • highly efficient XML Pipeline Server;
  • XML Schema documentation, generator, validator and editor;
  • impactful web-service toolset, composed of frameworks and testing extensions;
  • XPath generator, editor and evaluator;
  • XML export & import possibilities;
  • web-design and XHTML opportunities;
  • compliance with System.XML and MSXML classes;
  • database feature-set, conformable to MySQL, DB2, Oracle and SQL Server engines.

If you download Stylus Studio and occasionally find out, that this applet is too heavy-weight and expensive for your purposes, try open-source Geany toolkit. In addition to free distribution, it may also perform plain schema validation with the condition of miscellaneous plugins extensibility. Stylus Studio is compatible with xml, html and htm formats.

Free alternatives: Geany, Notepad++, Notepad2, Microsoft XML Notepad.

Format compatibility:

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