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Liquid Technologies Liquid XML Studio

Liquid Technologies Liquid XML Studio

Liquid Technologies XML Studio is a proficient toolkit for JSON and XML development, which contains advanced transformation and Data Mapping tools. These specific functional options include sophisticated and slick transformation, validating and editing abilities. As a result, both rookies and experts obtain modern and flexible toolset, which aids in saving money and time, while your current project is successfully delivered to the customer. Liquid Technologies XML Studio suite is shared following the proprietary license. For plain XML view and schema validation give preference to more simplified utilities, such as Microsoft XML Notepad or Geany.

Primary Liquid Technologies Liquid XML Studio features

A few key elements of the application should be mentioned at first:

  • infer JSON Schema generator from JSON;
  • infer XSD generator from Sample XML;
  • XPath Builder;
  • Web Service Call Tester;
  • Data Transformation & Mapping;
  • JSON Editor;
  • XML Editor;
  • XSD to XML transformation;
  • XQuery Debugger and Editor;
  • WSDL Editor;
  • XSLT Debugger and Editor;
  • JSON and XML Schema Editor (XSD);
  • productive and fast editor of large files.

In conclusion, this software product GUI is saturated with graphical components, which allow to edit and visualize an abstracted view of your XML schema, and execute a validation of you XSD file object against the latest W3C recommendations. In addition, the program includes multi-step redo/undo, drag-n-drop mechanics compliance, syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, split text and graphical views. After you download Liquid Technologies Liquid XML Studio, you get functionally non-limited software solution for any XML-related procedures, regardless whether they concern transforming, validating or editing. The only condition is that you may work with it for only 15 days. The package is valid for xml, html and htm files operations.

Free alternatives: Geany, Microsoft XML Notepad, Notepad++, Notepad2.

Format compatibility:

Download Liquid Technologies Liquid XML Studio