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Microsoft XML Notepad

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Microsoft XML Notepad

Microsoft XML Notepad is an open-source freely distributed XML editor for Windows OS. In comparison with such professional proprietary suites, as Altova XMLSpy, JAPISoft EditiX and SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor, the abilities of the current package are much simpler and narrower. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an easy-to-use plain software solution to view XML file content, to deal with regular or XPath expressions and several view modes, there’s no better product, than Microsoft XML Notepad. In April 2016 the developer company of the program has moved the source code of their project to GitHub, and the applet has officially been announced as open-source initiative.

Primary Microsoft XML Notepad features

At last, let’s discover the most crucial highlights of the application in detail:

  • incremental search in both text and tree view modes;
  • full-scoped compliance with drag-n-drop mechanics;
  • IntelliSense technology built-in support;
  • replace/find options via XPath expressions and regular expressions;
  • embedded compatibility with XInclude generic specification;
  • inclusive XML comparison utility;
  • built-in HTML viewer, able to display results of XSLT-transformation;
  • XML schema validation tool, operating in real-time mode.

The thorough third-party investigation of the application has revealed, that this specific editor has quite sensible positive performance on large-sized XML files. In such a way, if you tackle with the same circumstances, pay attention to this particular fact. Download Microsoft XML Notepad for free or make a personal compilation of the suite from the source-code – as a result, you will get a fast and intuitive solution for basic XML view and validation routines. The app supports xml files only.

Format compatibility:

Download Microsoft XML Notepad