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Wattle XMLwriter

Wattle XMLwriter

Wattle XMLwriter is a feature-jammed proficient XML editor, DTD/XML Schema validator, DTD to XSD schema converter and XSLT transformer for Windows. Differently from other similar-purposed software solutions, this specific tool’s abilities can be massively extended due to the support of external plugins, which add new parsers for proper XSLT transformation or document validation according to specified schema. Elder Wattle XMLwriter releases do not support the attachment of third-party plugins.

Primary Wattle XMLwriter features

Below we will find out, what key highlights of the product should be enlightened first of all:

  • validation of XML documents against XML/DTD Schema compliance;
  • execution of XSL transformation;
  • conformation to the most valid W3C specification parameters;
  • smart entry helpers, which aim to provide corresponding assistance in editing;
  • interactive and visual representation of XML Schema and DTD documents in TagBar panel;
  • code snippets to avoid routines of bored repetitive text entries;
  • sample XML file generation, based on XSD/DTD Schema;
  • execution of XSD to DTD Schema conversion and the contrary consequence;
  • batch processing and project management;
  • intelligent syntax color highlighting.

Now let’s reveal a few GUI peculiarities. Among the slick and subtle interface components are auto-indentation, bookmarks, unlimited multi-level redo/undo, auto-formatting of tags and other, accustomed for the advanced app’ owners, amicable elements. On the official web-portal the free trial copy of the program is available – just download Wattle XMLwriter and get a close acquaintance with the toolset and visual part. By the way, the suite is compatible with xml, html and htm text formats.

Free alternatives of the program: Geany, Microsoft XML Notepad, Notepad2, Notepad++.

Format compatibility:

Download Wattle XMLwriter