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JAPISoft EditiX

JAPISoft EditiX

JAPISoft EditiX is a sophisticated proprietary cross-platform XML-editor, XSLT-debugger, XQuery Editor and Visual Schema Editor, compliant with mac OS, Linux and Windows operation systems. Although this tool has a commercial base, the developer distributes it as an open-source product. Thus, if you are a proficient user, and acknowledged regarding the basics of software development, you may easily download source code of the JAPISoft EditiX suite, compile it in an appropriate runtime environment, and obtain a free fully-functional copy of the product for non-commercial usage as a result.

Primary JAPISoft EditiX features

The package contains the plentiful set of advanced functional options, which includes:

  • easy to handle and powerful XML editor, designated for assisting application programmers and web-developers applying the most recent XML-related technologies. The app allows to quickly validate or check XML docs, whether they conform to RelaxNG, DTD or W3C XML Schema;
  • advanced transforming abilities, expressed in converting XSLT 1.0 and 2.0 to PDF, SVG Docbook, Txt, PS, PCL, Print, XML, MIF to HTML and other routines. The applet is equipped with short-keys, which aim to repeat the last transformation;
  • XSLT Editor, which provides a massive assistance with XSLT debugging or transforming XSLT with parameters;
  • XML diff and merge. This feature is expressed in comparing the current user document to another one, execute a comparison of distinct nodes (whether they are replaced, added or removed), namespace and attributes modification;
  • flexible and configured XQuery Editor.

Considering the significant price for the program, you may download JAPISoft EditiX trial from the official developer’s portal, which is valid for 30 days and does not contain any functional restrictions. Such an approach aids to make a final decision regarding the necessity to acquire the full package. The project is compliant with xml, html and htm text extensions.

Free alternatives of the program: Geany, Microsoft XML Notepad, Notepad2, Notepad++.

Format compatibility:

Download JAPISoft EditiX