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SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor

SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor

SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor is an ultra-powerful cross-platform toolkit, XQuery/XSLT profiler and debugger, XML editor with impactful Unicode support. The suite provides high number of functional options, related to XML technology and the content management. Thus, you can validate documents against any schemas, i.e. NVDL, NRL, RELAX NG, W3C XML Schema, Schematron or DTD. Moreover, the XML file can also be validated while entering the data. Additionally, the editor is compliant with XML catalogs. As far as SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor has multi-OS foundation, it can be successfully run on mac OS, Linux or Windows environment.

Primary SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor features

Among the built-in functional abilities of the package we may elaborate the following:

  • configurable and preset scenarios, that permit to generate output to HTML, ePub, PDF and multitude of extensive formats via the same source XML-object;
  • embedded ready-to-use compliance with TEI, XHTML, DocBook and DITA frameworks;
  • enhanced embedded XML publishing frameworks, which provide unmatched extensibility for your active projects;
  • interaction with all the major CMS-systems, XML databases and WebDAV;
  • unique toolset for collaborative work over your project, implemented in the shape of merge and compare solutions, subversion repository client and special tracking tools;
  • ultimate editing possibilities and compliance with as-you-type validation process, that assists to receive valid and well-structured XML docs;
  • the capability to perform XPath and XQuery queries against a native XML database via the connectivity to the database server options;
  • full conformation to all actual XML standards.

In conclusion, the slick XQuery and XSLT debugging mechanics should be mentioned, which provide full control over the debugging routines, aiming to perfect and troubleshoot your documents. If you still doubt, whether it is worth to buy fully-functional suite version, download SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor trial distributive from the official web-server of the project at first. The editor supports operations with xml files only.

Free alternatives of the program: Geany, Microsoft XML Notepad, Notepad2, Notepad++.

Format compatibility:

Download SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor