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Altova XMLSpy

Altova XMLSpy

Altova XMLSpy is one the most sophisticated and intelligent XML editors on the software market, designated for debugging, transforming, editing and modelling XML and technologies, related to it, i.e., SOAP, WSDL, XQuery, XPath, XSLT, XML Schema and XBRL. The tool provides the whole range of options, which advanced user, developer or editor can require for building professional applications, based on XML processing. Altova XMLSpy is a proprietary package, so it is distributed on the commercial foundation.

Primary Altova XMLSpy features

If your application stores, processes and transforms data via XML file objects, this particular IDE offers all the necessary spectrum of opportunities, which you may require on any design, development or testing stage:

  • XML document instance editing and creation;
  • SmartFix XML error correction and validation;
  • XML Schema editing;
  • XSLT profiler, debugger and editor;
  • XQuery/XPath evaluator, builder and debugger;
  • XQuery/XSLT back-mapping;
  • XSL Speed Optimizer;
  • JSON Schema editing set;
  • XBRL full-scope toolset;
  • 3-way merge/diff;
  • WSDL editor;
  • SOAP debugger and client;
  • database integration;
  • Eclipse and Visual Studio compliance;
  • Apache Avro compatibility;
  • OOXML (Open XML) support;
  • descriptive and smart chart generation;
  • integration through SharePoint Server and RaptorXML Servers.

If you schedule to use this suite for XML viewing purposes only, pay extensive attention to more simplified and commonly used apps, such as Microsoft XML Notepad, Notepad++ or Notepad2. Otherwise, you may download Altova XMLSpy trial distributive from the home web-portal, compare it with competitive feature-jammed IDEs in daily work and make an attempt to integrate it into the business-processes, relevant to your active project. This toolkit supports xml files only.

Free alternatives: Geany, Microsoft XML Notepad, Notepad2, Notepad++.

Format compatibility:

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