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File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus is the universal file reader, editor and converter for Windows, jammed with the support of about 300 all-case needed formats, from text, spreadsheets and presentations to video, audio and image. Instead of installing distinct software packages for each of the file types, File Viewer Plus suggests the combined suite solution, which will save your time and efforts. As a rule, the toolset gives you the chance not only to view the file content, but also the ability to apply modifications to the file or convert it to another format.

Primary File Viewer Plus features

Further we will reveal the opportunities of the applet in detail:

  • viewing over 300 file formats from a single form: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Project, vector and raster image types, camera raws from about 600 individual models, archives, fonts, source code, web-content, opening email files, extracting the attachments, and that is far from limit;
  • editing, saving and converting the digital files into any supported extension. The tool includes robust, powerful and intelligent editor for doc, docx, docm, dot, dotm, dotx and other corresponding file objects, which permits to apply all the modifications, relevant to MS Word professional editor or MS Office suite. The same concerns the video, audio and image file types;
  • effective, impactful and productive batch conversion. If you require to convert a mass of file in a single approach, the toolset gives the chance to create a batch conversion job, which assists to convert thousands of files with enormous speed. After the process is completed, you may save your presets in order to use the same set of parameters once again next time;
  • observing file metadata and properties. The application represents individual metadata for each of the file categories: source and author info for text documents, EXIF for images, codecs for video and audio. The descriptive and vivid info panel contains all the necessary relevant information;
  • in case the project is not capable to display the native content of the file, you may apply Hex and Text views in order to inspect the system data, embedded by the file creator. This specific method will be especially helpful, if the file is corrupted or broken.

If you want to get acquainted with the program closer without actually buying it, you may download File Viewer Plus trial and work with it in a while, - it is totally free. Such a principle will allow you to take into consideration all the cons and pros of unified solution for managing all file types in common and guarantees, you are already aware what you dealing with before the financial transaction is completed. The tool is compliant with docx, doc, dotx, dot, dotm, docm, wps, odt, ott, fb2, rtf, txt, pages, pdf, eml, emlx, msg, html, htm, tex, log, diz, xml, cbr and cbz extensions.

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