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ComicScreen is a simple, light-weight ad-ware comic book reader for Android, which the developers additionally represent as photos, pictures and images viewer directly from the ZIP-archives without decompression. The tool is quite new, nevertheless it has already gained a massive popularity in the Asian region, and little by little spreads among smartphones owners from Europe. As far as the project is positioned as the combined tool for both comics and images, the ComicScreen users don’t need to seek for individual applets, which are eligible for each of these tasks discretely.

Primary ComicScreen features

Let’s try to reveal the key functional elements of the application:

  • FTP, SMB network compliance;
  • the comprehensive support of drag-and-drop mechanism, applicable for folders and files. Despite these mechanics are more relevant for desktop systems, such intention is highly appreciated anyway;
  • impactful and smooth scrolling of the images;
  • intelligent and hassle-free preview of bookmarks;
  • quick view of ZIP-archives;
  • preview of page move, which is especially efficient for switching from the previous page to the next one. The preview saves your time and saves the gadget resources, so that you are aware of the next page content before actually completing a move;
  • toggle between vertical (1 page) and horizontal (2 pages) view modes;
  • automatic resorting of the issues;
  • the ability to view images lists, which the custom folders contain;
  • cut and removal of the margins for smooth page switches;
  • association of the page move operation with hardware key tap.

Although this mobile project is only on the dawn of its advancement and progress, you may still encounter several smart solutions, which this applet is jammed of. So, download ComicScreen for free and get acquainted with them personally, - only in such a way you may get the personal experience from this unique utility. The tool entirely supports cbr and cbz viewing operations.

Format compatibility:

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