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Chunky Comic Reader

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Chunky Comic Reader

Chunky Comic Reader is a free comic viewer for iPad, jammed with minor functional tricks, that serve to make the comics look as good as possible and to transform the reading process eventually into a real pleasure. The developers offer two versions of their project: free and paid Pro. Despite the possibilities of Pro-build are a little wider, the freeware Chunky Comic Reader is just enough either for rookies or advanced proficient readers.

Primary Chunky Comic Reader features

Further we will elaborate and reveal the most interesting and notable highlights, which concern this custom software project:

  • upscaling of your comics, which make them look super-sharp;
  • auto tint and contrast, that brings your dodgy scans and old digital content of drawn stories and manga back to life;
  • flexible and customized library organizer, that permits you to handle the entire comic book collection from a single source;
  • downloading of the comic books as the background process while you are reading. The background sync with Box, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Transporter is available;
  • result-oriented parental control, which permits to tag individual issues or volume sets as ok, and lock with passcode request the rest of them, invisible for exterior sight;
  • two-up and single-page view modes;
  • the selection among standard left to right and manga-like right to left orientations of reading modes;
  • identification and cropping out of margins for proper screen area maximization;
  • posting of quotes and image fragments to Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr or Twitter;
  • comprehensive reading and filtering of ComicRack and ComicBookLover tags data.

Now a few words about discrepancies of Pro version. Here is, what it can do:

  • the opportunity to download comics right from your PC/Mac via extensive protocols and apps: ComicStreamer, Ubooquity, Calibre, OPDS, SFTP, FTP, AFP, SMB;
  • tweaking of the custom color skins or themes;
  • auto-crop page borders;
  • removing watermarks from distinct PDFs;
  • download the whole folder of image sets in the form of single comic book.

Frankly speaking, the possibilities of free applet toolset are absolutely sufficient in most of the cases, so you won’t even encounter with any limitations or functional threshold. Thus, if you download Chunky Comic Reader for free, the reading of illustrated masterpieces of classical and contemporary comic art will appeal to you as a real fun and pleasure. The project is entirely compliant with cbt, cbr, cbz and pdf reading options.

Format compatibility:

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