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iComics is a slick impactful mobile software tool, that offers the opportunity to read DRM-free comic books directly on your iOS-based gadget. Furthermore, this utility magnificently serves as an organizer of user library, providing all the options for the flawless and efficient collection management. In general, iComics provides a range of individual functions, which differentiate the tool from the rival freely shared same-purpose applets.

Primary iComics features

Below we elaborate the peculiar possibilities of the package, in order to facilitate your final choice among the competitive comic readers:

  • a massive toolset for organizing and setting up the comics library;
  • hot switch between the consecutive and custom comic issues;
  • ultra glib and hassle-free scrolling during the page turning;
  • the capability to import your drawn stories to the cloud service (Dropbox, Safari) via iTunes. After proper syncing of your digital content, the comic sets will never be corrupted or destroyed;
  • a comfortable slider, that permits you to toggle quickly between comic pages;
  • the adjustment of reading direction, regarding which the eastern manga lovers will be definitely keen on;
  • magnifier of page fragments. You can set the zooming to be reset each time after the page turning, or customize the zoom locking as fixed on the same scale through all the pages;
  • you may split up the ultra-wide comic pages and treat them as two distinct pages;
  • multiple sharing options, which include local saving, print or email separate pages.

If you manage to spend the defined by the developers cost and use this software package on the daily basis, you obtain guaranteed product support and free lifetime updates, which are released quite frequently yet. Just download iComics, and in couple of minutes you appreciate the substantial advantages of commercial software, which are based on stable service and high-degree compatibility. Regarding the supported formats, the suite is fully compliant with cbt, cb7, cbr, cbz and all other archive extensions in addition to pdf and epub digital formats.

Free alternatives: Marvin, Chunky Comic Reader, TotalReader.

Format compatibility:

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