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Comic Time Reader

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Comic Time Reader

Comic Time Reader is the tiny and free mobile comics’ reader for Android. Due to the availability of panel-by-panel guided view and several other slick usability options, the applet steadily holds the favorable position in the hearts of manga and western comics genre lovers all over. Comic Time Reader program solution is based on approach, where the users deal with intelligent panels during the reading process. The utility uses advanced processing algorithms, which assist in panels detection inside each page. While reading the comic book, only one panel is visible to the user at the same time. Thus, the space on the mobile screen is distributed equally in the optimized way and allows you to navigate through the comic issue panel-by-panel.

Primary Comic Time Reader features

Here are the several out-of-the-box options, available in the toolset:

  • guided view and panel detection. Such workflow is explained in detail before and is entitled by the developers as Smart mode;
  • alternative Movie mode. This approach can be described in the following way: while reading the comic book, the user may view each panel individually one after another. When the page is switched, the smooth transitions between the image blocks are applied;
  • compliance with the most prevalent formats only: CBZ and CBR;
  • compatibility with specific manga reading direction: from the right to the left;
  • access to all comic issues from the well-organized library with categories;
  • full-scope integration with downloads and file manager.

Although the set of the features in the package is far beyond the capabilities of competitive mobile products, after you download Comic Time Reader for free, you will obtain the steady and reliable comic reader with familiar GUI, which conforms to the current-day usability standards and fits to those, who prefer simplicity and clearness in software development approaches. The program means is compliant just with cbr and cbz comic archives.

Format compatibility:

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