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ComiCat is a finesse and intelligent paid comics catalog manager and reader for Android. With just a single tap you can run the scanning of your device and nicely arrange all of your comics into the virtual bookshelf as a result. It doesn’t matter, where you store your comics: in the cloud, SD card, download folder or the internal memory. In conclusion, with ComiCat you are able to read and manage your whole comics collection directly from the bookshelf.

Primary ComiCat features

As far as ComiCat is a commercial product, the developers offer a row of slick expert features, which concern the usability and service. Below we will put an emphasis on those, which can interest you the most:

  • perfect optimization of the source code, which guarantees high speed of the applet operations even on former-generation smartphones and precludes battery drain;
  • free lifetime updates;
  • a range of catalog views, search and sorting options to facilitate the accessibility to the library;
  • protection with secure password;
  • flexible management of reading list;
  • experience and performance tweaking functions;
  • extremely fast opening and handling of the comic books via impactful caching;
  • selection between left to right and vice versa direction, which dedicated Manga fans should definitely appreciate;
  • auto crop margin and auto split two page scans;
  • automatic comic reading and remember reading location status bars;
  • productive download manager, which offers prioritizing and reviewing your downloads options;
  • protection of the hidden folders with password, implemented into parental control;
  • adjustment of screen brightness;
  • built-in image enhancement tool, which automatically correlates saturation, contrast and brightness of comics’ pages. This mechanism is especially suitable for old comic scans, making them more vibrant and removing paleness from the digital content.

Differently from freeware comic readers and organizers, this applet provides extensive service and support for program owners. If you are agreeable to pay the moderate price for the skillful project with great optimization for low capacity batteries’ owners, download ComiCat and forget about constant troublesome charges and freeing space for storing another set of drawn stories in the internal memory of your tablet or smart. The package is able to view cbt, cb7, cbr, cbz and pdf file extensions.

Free alternatives: ComicRack, Challenger Comics Viewer, FullReader.

Format compatibility:

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