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Challenger Comics Viewer

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Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger Comics Viewer is the ad-free sophisticated e-books, manga and comics reader for Android. Due to simple logic and intelligent workflow of the modules processing, the product has gained a huge degree of popularity among the users, who prefer to spend time by the reading process instead of tuning the settings up and customizing the visual part of the interface. Although Challenger Comics Viewer is greatly optimized for work on middle-generation tablets and phones, the tool requires powerful CPU and RAM amount for flawless and smooth operability. In a bunch with splendid functional segment and advanced support of any comics and e-content formats, the project can become a true godsend for e-book fans and digital readers, who take into consideration the hardware parameters of their mobile device.

Primary Challenger Comics Viewer features

Below we will try to put together the highlights of the applet according to their usefulness and importance:

  • horizontal/vertical scrolling;
  • 2 display modes: Multiple Image View, which represents all pages all together simultaneously and Simple View, which represents the pages consequently in order;
  • scale filters: Lanczos4, Bicubic, Bilinear;
  • picturesque library with issue covers shown to quickly reveal the comics content (selection of views is available);
  • automatic shift to next book issue, right after the last page of active book is shown;
  • border cropping;
  • toggle between right-to-left and vice versa reading directions;
  • flexible customizations of the performed actions;
  • accessibility of auto-scrolling by long press on the display and manual scrolling by swipe on screen;
  • history management;
  • saturation/brightness/contrast adjustment;
  • bright color themes.

Once again it should be mentioned, that the applet requires powerful processor and lots of memory, so don’t feel disappointed if the performance of the package is not so good on your gadget. If this condition is not relevant, boldly download Challenger Comics Viewer for free and the priceless experience of comfortable and hassle-free book reading is guaranteed. The program means supports cb7, cbt, cbr, cbz, pdf, epub and djvu formats handling, as well as viewing the plain image files content from individual folders.

Format compatibility:

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