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Comics Reader

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Comics Reader

Comics Reader is a quite efficient, but yet small and productive comics reader for Android, shared according to open-source GPL license. As far as the program tool is perfectly optimized for Android tablets, the applet won’t overload your OS, even your gadget has been acquired not in the last few years and contains not too powerful hardware on-board. Comics Reader is a magnificent solution, for those who prefer classic open-source software, and even occasionally used to creating some modular modifications or add-ons to the preferable apps personally.

Primary Comics Reader features

Here is why the package is distinctive in relation to competitive mobile software products:

  • high optimization for Android-based tablets;
  • built-in comics browser with thumbnails;
  • embedded bookmarks organizer with access to downloading albums from remote web-resources;
  • permits to download remote file objects via a promoted php-script;
  • compliance with the majority of contemporary comics formats and archive extensions, as well as the ability to open plain images from distinct folders;
  • impactful page switcher, representing small page previews;
  • compliance with all screen resolutions;
  • multiple resize modes (25%, 50%, 100%, screen height, screen width, both);
  • customization of right-to-left reading orientation;
  • auto-preloading of previous and next pages, considering sufficient free memory space;
  • compatibility with 32 and 16-bit rendering;
  • smooth transition between the consequent pages via fling gesture.

It should be noted, that due to free distribution, the project is constantly enhanced by the community, and obtains new excessive features. After you download Comics Reader for free, you will definitely evaluate its advantages and bonus options. The program supports cbt, cbz and cbr comic book archives and is capable to handle plain image files as well.

Format compatibility:

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