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Simple Comic

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Simple Comic

Simple Comic is a comprehensive fully-featured comics reader for Mac. The tool offers rich and saturated toolset, which provides the users an option to entirely control the reading process, following after a range of distinct preliminary customizations. Simple Comic basically makes reading as easy as never before.

Primary Simple Comic features

This product provides the mentioned further opportunities, which assist to view and handle both the individual comic issues and collections:

  • setup of the page layout. For the user’s selection one or two-page displays are suggested;
  • page ordering: toggle between left to right or right to left organizing;
  • page scaling, which is presented in horizontal fit, window fit and original size options;
  • full-screen view to maximize the viewing area range;
  • page rotation. This particular capability permits to maximize the display area similarly to reading the comics content from the mobile gadget;
  • full-scope archive handling. The package is compliant with any archive formats, including most popular cbr and cbz;
  • pin text notes containers to the page. Such a trick is especially helpful to view release and translation notes for the editors;
  • multiple sessions, which give the app owners the chance to view multiple comics simultaneously;
  • exclusive Quicklook feature, which is basically a must have in order to automatically generate previews and icons;
  • auto-save, ideal for automatic bookmarking;
  • page capture, that makes possible the individual pages’ extraction to defined format;
  • image loupe facilitates zooming in and out the smallest details;
  • at last, full screen thumbnail view ability allows to quickly find the page, you want to precisely.

The package fits perfectly for Mac computers, as far as is tightly integrated into the OS shell and strictly conforms to macOS standards. Download Simple Comic for free to make sure the program contains everything you need for relaxed and pleasant time-spending with your favorite comics story. The applet is compliant with cbr, cbz and most popular plain archive formats.

Format compatibility:

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