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MangaMeeya is an amicable program tool for comic e-reading, specifically adapted for manga. Despite the strict dedication to Japanese content, the utility is performed with English interface, so the western community will feel absolutely natively while working with the tool. Currently the project development is paused, and on Win 8.1 and later releases you may tackle with some obstacles, that may influence on your decision to switch to some more user-friendly package for reading comics. But anyway, MangaMeeya is still pretty popular solution for reading manga on your desktop PC.

Primary MangaMeeya featurest

Here is the quick review of differentiable app options in comparison with competitive similar-purposed packages:

  • double or single page layout;
  • the full-screen mode support;
  • the ability to display the comic content in the form of thumbnails;
  • application of embedded magnifying glass, which gives a chance to have a detailed look even on the smallest image elements;
  • support of mouse and keyboard controllers;
  • compliance with most relevant file formats and extensions.

Nevertheless, the suite lacks a few extra features, that are essential for the products, daily used by all comic fans nowadays. First of all, MangaMeeya is not capable to read and process the certain image objects, such as png, jpg, bmp and gif. Thus, if you encounter the comic book, which is not compressed in appropriate archive format, you won’t succeed in opening it at all. Furthermore, the software solution does not contain a comics organizer, which is vital if you used to read several series simultaneously. But if these considerable disadvantages don’t concern you at all, download MangaMeeya for free and enjoy your comic reading. The project is compliant with cbz and cbr extensions only.

Format compatibility:

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