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ComicRack is a proficient ultra-modern and extra-featured comic book viewer, designed to transform the comic reading process into state of art. Able not only to read, but also to export the e-content into compliant format, ComicRack contains excessive modules for huge libraries management, synchronizing it with cloud services and organizing it into extended and customized database, which gives you the chance to instantly find the requested issue from the defined series or author.

Primary ComicRack features

As the developers claim, ComicRack is entitled as the best comic reader in the world, and after short glance this statement seems like not far from the truth. Further let’s try to find out, why it is so:

  • custom version releases for PC, Android and iOS platforms;
  • supple management of the database: custom lists, smart searches, quick search, thumbnails, extended info storage;
  • intelligent file names parsing for fixed initial values: year of issue, volume, number, series;
  • network sharing of comic libraries with a possibility to protect entities with secured password;
  • custom display filtering, stacking, sorting and grouping;
  • generated by user keyboard shortcuts;
  • generation of configurable thumbnails;
  • extensive meta-data editor, built in into viewer.

In addition to already mentioned diversities, ComicRack contains the whole toolset, relevant for the rival products, available in this software segment, such as magnifier, information overlays, automatic backcolor matching, color adjustments and so on. Moreover, the applet is adapted for the best user experience in mobile environments (Android and iOS). The developers have taken care about auto-rotation of the display, automatic removal of page frames, multiple display modes and other functional components, vital for each distinct platform. If you think over the preferable solution for comics e-reading and download ComicRack for free conclusively, you won’t ever desire to switch to another program means for sure. The package is compatible with djvu, pdf, cb7, cbt, cbr and cbz viewing operations and is eligible for export to djvu, pdf, cb7, cbt and cbz formats.

Format compatibility:

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