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Xylasoft Comic Seer

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Xylasoft Comic Seer

Xylasoft Comic Seer is a multilingual feature-packed program tool for reading comics on the desktop computer. Currently this package supports Windows and Linux operation systems. Despite the app has been designed and developed by a commercial company, Xylasoft Comic Seer is distributed absolutely for free and is entirely available for millions of users all over the world without in-app purchases or micro-transactions.

Primary Xylasoft Comic Seer features

Here are the key functional components relevant to the program:

  • compliance with any popular comic book archives, as well as individual image files;
  • very high speed and efficiency even on outdated desktop hardware configurations;
  • compatibility with all contemporary interface devices: touch, pen, keyboard and mouse;
  • selection between single-page and dual-page view modes;
  • built-in zoom from 1X to 4X scale;
  • the chance to rotate the page for 90 degrees;
  • comic page thumbnails browsing;
  • the management and visualization of the library collections;
  • library filtering;
  • bookmarking of the noted pages in order to get back to them later;
  • integration of meta-data, relevant to the comic books;
  • real-time library searching;
  • integration with Comic Vine search engine, which assists to seek for miscellaneous information about comic books;
  • user-predefined background themes;
  • read progress filtering and indicators;
  • the correction of color;
  • the localization on Czech, French, Greek and Russian languages.

Regarding the cross-platform base of the product, the developers have taken cared about the native support of all the latest Windows versions, so you will be able to enjoy hassle-free operability of the app toolset even on Windows 10 and later updates. What concerns the Linux support, the suite was thoroughly tested on Ubuntu branch, but the authors assure, that on another Linux releases you will achieve the same scale of stability, speed and featured elements. After reference to proper web-page, you have a chance to download Xylasoft Comic Seer for free and have a try to use the product abilities in daily work. The project supports opening and reading cbr, cbz, cb7 archive formats in addition to plain image files.

Format compatibility:

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