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CDisplay Ex

Free App
CDisplay Ex

CDisplay Ex is a feature-packed and comprehensive comic book reader for Windows OS. Indifferently to its elder brother CDisplay, the tool is still periodically updated and contains a native support for 64-bit platforms. In the same way, CDisplay Ex is distributed on the entirely free basis, following the GNU GPL license. With the reader assistance, you may read not only comics, but manga as well. Moreover, the package is one of the best solutions for slow computers: even on out-of-date hardware opening the files is fluid, and comic books are loaded immediately.

Primary CDisplay Ex features

The app gains the positive feedback due to the variety of functionalities, that make the program means so distinctive and individual. Here comes their brief description:

  • the support of all currently applied comic book formats plus PDF and any standard image file objects;
  • extensive range of viewing options, among which is toggle between double and single page modes, rotating of individual or all of the pages, page fit to the screen, its height or width, setting a zoom factor, applying a magnifier and so on;
  • navigating through the pages with just the right and left arrow keyboard keys in addition to PageDown and PageUp. Moreover, if you prefer working with the mouse instead of the keyboard, the corresponding toolbar is also here, on the upper screen part for the sake of your comfort. At last, you can set the automatic page switch in the form of slideshow;
  • if you don’t have plenty of time to read the comic from the start to the ending page, the suite contains an exclusive “Resume Last File” function, which allows to open the exact page where you recently paused and go on from the same position. Conclusively, you may apply this feature to a range of previously uncompleted comic books.

The product is perfectly fit for manga lovers and those, who give preference to stylish and consistent GUI in linkage with efficient and saturated feature set. Download CDisplay Ex for free and witness the ultimate opportunities of the project personally. The applet supports cbr, cbz, cb7, cbt and pdf file extensions.

Format compatibility:

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