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Comical is an openly shared featureful GUI comic book reader for Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. Despite some up-to-date program tools, such as GonVisor, CDisplay Ex or YACReader, have partially replaced Comical from the software market, this comic book viewer still gains considerable degree of popularity among the community segment, which prefers classical approach to design, usability and implementation of the projects. Moreover, this applet fully satisfies and occasionally even overcomes the expectations of the users, presenting advanced and enhanced feature set.

Primary Comical features

The package is favoured due to availability of astounding functional components, which are counted further:

  • GPL-licensed model of the app distribution with the only exception of libunrar library linking;
  • toggle between single-page and dual-page modes of comic book viewing;
  • pages are fit to a percentage, to height, to width or to window;
  • flexible image resizing thanks to the built-in support of FreeImage project;
  • amicable and cozy interface;
  • opening of the entire folders, which contain images with comic books content;
  • representation of all present-day image formats, such as TIFF, GIF, PNG and JPEG;
  • caching and prefetching pages in order to provide efficient responsiveness and high operation speed.

Currently the further development of the applet is held up, but the author of the utility offers the chance to contribute to project programming for all, who wills to add any desired innovative modules or extensions and possess the appropriate skills. As for the rest, they can download Comical for free from the official tool server for any supported preferred operational system. The utility is fully compliant with cbr and cbz comic book archive formats, and also may open discrete decompressed image files.

Format compatibility:

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