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GonVisor is an amicable finesse comic books viewer for Windows, which supports the majority of used currently formats. Basically, you may run the utility in Linux and mac OS systems, but only with the condition of proper installing and setting up WINE emulator. Nevertheless, natively GonVisor supports Windows OS only. The program is compliant with reading books, magazines, manga, comics and pictures in electronic representation. Furthermore, the tool perfectly sustains opening any files, compressed and stored as archives without decompression. If you possess a comic book file (cbr, cbz, cb7) and attempt to open them with GonVisor, this program tool joins an unlimited quantity of images as an album in a single unified file. After all, you may protect all or a few of those files with a reliable password.

Primary GonVisor features

Below we concentrate upon most notable app highlights, so that you can easily identify all the important picks from the GonVisor toolset:

  • comprehensive compliance with all the popular comic book formats in addition to the archives and image files;
  • application of bookmarks in order to go on with reading right from the checkpoint, where you left it;
  • creation of presentations, which allow to simply generate custom slide-shows from the available collection objects after manual setting of the transition time between presented slides switch;
  • pleasant and user-friendly design, fast and intuitive enough for comfortable viewing of image sequences;
  • automatic reduce of margins for getting rid of unneeded layout elements, that make reading process flawless and hassle-free;
  • enhancement of images with built-in filters, You may perform the adjustment of a range of crucial parameters: smoothing, contrast and normalize.
  • virtual magnifier, which offers the zoom feature to view the corresponding image fragment from a close distance.

If you want to run the package from Linux or macOS instance, download GonVisor for free from the official project reference, considering the hereabout condition: you will require to install and set up the Wine virtual emulator prior to running GonVisor. Natively the applet works only on Windows system. The reader fully supports cbr, cbz, cba, cb7 and pdf file extensions.

Format compatibility:

Download GonVisor