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Comic Zeal

Comic Zeal

Comic Zeal is a popular comic-book reader for iOS, which supports most formats, used for convenient reading of the comic books nowadays. In fact, Comic Zeal was the first comic reader, ever since available in App Store. Despite its solid age, the utility offers the full-featured set of abilities, which concern organization and management of e-books collections, secured mechanics of library access, import of the new documents right onto the bookshelf and other peculiar possibilities.

Primary Comic Zeal features

Further we will focus on the key functional elements of the program toolset:

  • flexible organization of the books series. If you require to set a virtual separator between long series of the book titles, you can use the special dividers;
  • automatic sorting of the comic books by series or issues;
  • special assisted panning and two-page mode options, which assist to read the book content much faster;
  • locking of the page position, that guarantees full page view without the borders between the pages each time the page section is changed;
  • logical behavior of the comic book representation, when your mobile device is rotated;
  • fast and efficient search by tags or comic titles;
  • parental control for appropriate book sets.
  • Regarding the bonus options, you may unlock the following features after reasonable in-app micro-payment:

  • the attachment of Comic Finders toolkit, which is very handy for identification of unread comics yet through your entire library;
  • several miscellaneous picturesque skins.

Moreover, the program package is tightly integrated with a range of cloud services (iCloud Drive, Dropbox) and firmware Apple applications, such as AirDrop from Mac and iTunes. In such a way, you may easily associate your account with iCloud or other supported tool and import previously obtained books from your personal external unified storage. After you download Comic Zeal from App Store, you acquire full-featured distributive without any functional or time limitations. If you consider not to spend your finances on proprietary, but still qualitative software, pay attention to the free mobile alternatives instead. The project supports pdf, cbr and cbz file formats.

Free alternatives to the project: iComix, Chunky Comic Reader, TotalReader, KyBook.

Format compatibility:

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