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OpenOffice Writer

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OpenOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer is a word processor and visual (WYSIWYG) HTML-editor, which is included into package and is distributed on the open-source basis.

OpenOffice Writer is a free analogue to proprietary Microsoft Word. Writer also has several exclusive features, which are absent in Word: for instance, the support of the page styles.

Like all the rest of the applications, included into the suite, Writer can be run on a multitude of various operational systems (MS Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Linux).

Primary OpenOffice Writer features

Starting from 2.0.4 version. supports XUL extensions in the OXT-format, which are easily added and configured similar to the process, that was arranged in Mozilla Firefox.

The most interesting and quite popular extensions for Writer are:

  • CompPad – enables to perform mathematical and engineer calculations in the form of mathematical expressions via the equations editor;
  • Language Tool – an extension for checking the grammar. The capability of spell-checking for Russian, English, German, Polish and other languages is implemented;
  • Typographic for OOO – this extension allows to conform the text according to the typographic standards (inverted commas, hyphens, extensive spaces);
  • AltSearch – this specific plugin serves in order to improve the parameters of searching and replacement of the text, supports regular expressions.

You may download OpenOffice Writer for free on the official project page. The text editor supports the following formats: sxw, stw (the native XML extensions), doc, dot, docx, wpd, wps, sdw, rtf, txt and many others.