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PDFedit is a openly distributed PDF-editor, which supports Linux (natively) and Windows (with the assistance of integrated GUI-toolkit, - currently in Beta state) operation systems. The main tool disadvantage is lack of compliance with encrypted or protected PDF docs and disability of manipulation with word processor-style texts. However, many users consider PDFedit, as a quite suitable package for most required operations with PDF content.

Primary PDFedit features

The capabilities of the toolset are quite humble. In addition, if you want to fully learn the package possibilities, you will need to get acquainted with the command line tools and commands. Nevertheless, such peculiarities are common among any Linux or Unix-like projects, so for advanced users such habits won’t bring any challenge or surprise. As for the rest, perhaps some other tools such as Foxit Reader or Evince, will be more preferable, as far as they are distributed will already configured GUI-shell and all the out-of-the-box operations in them are accessible via the graphical windows-like forms.

What concerns the PDFedit customization tricks, its GUI-shell entirely relies on Qt 3 scripting engine and toolkit (QSA), so you may attach any available operation to the script in order to automate the most bored routines. Miscellaneously, you may use ECMAScript language for scripting, as far as the toolset is also compliant with this particular specification.

If you are not concerned with writing scripts and using command-line often, you may boldly download PDFedit for free from the home-page of the project. At the same time, those who prefer amicable and transparent graphical interface, will occasionally refer to another Linux-based PDF-editors. The Windows users will tackle with the transparent and clear business logic as well thanks to the nice applet design. The software package supports only PDF documents.

Format compatibility:

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