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KPDF is a freeware open-source PDF viewer for Linux, integrated into KDE platform repository. After several years of improvement and advancement of the development stage, afterwards it has been replaced by KDE Okular starting from KDE SC 4. Nevertheless, KPDF is perfectly embedded into Konqueror environment as an KParts component within Linux system.

Primary KPDF features

  • three individual methodologies of search: type-ahead find, thumbnail filter and find dialog;
  • simple capture of text and images by dragging a rectangle box with mouse in order to highlight the area, which you wish to capture;
  • selection of text/background colors set up by default among the available pattern, similar to CSS style sheet definition;
  • the opportunity to create bookmarks from the active pages;
  • the user may apply TTS (text-to-speech) engine in order to read the PDF-file content aloud;
  • availability of double page mode and side panel with thumbnails similar to Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Reader;
  • direct access to bookmarks through the thumbnails icons. The bookmarks are kept in consistent state in case PDF-document is moved to different folder;
  • low hardware requirements and faster action response in comparison with Adobe Acrobat toolset.

The development and support of the product is over since 2008, so you cannot download KPDF for free from the project home-page or external mirrors. However, you may find this app in early KDE repositories, before the tool has been finally replaced by more popular and consistent KDE Okular PDF-viewer. KPDF software package supports opening and reading just PDF-documents. In order to handle other text formats, refer to FBReader, KWord, Geany or other text editors depending on your business requirements.

Format compatibility:

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