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Foxit Reader

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Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a freemium cross-platform e-reader, compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS systems. In a few words, Foxit Reader is the main competitor of Adobe Acrobat, and provides absolutely all and even more functional options, relevant to Adobe tool. The utility is continuously supported by the developer and is compliant with all the latest OS builds and releases.

Primary Foxit Reader features

The program maintains the wide spectrum of abilities, required for efficient and fast PDF management and handling, among which are:

  • the software product consumes minimum hardware resources. This statement concerns the early project builds mainly, but in comparison with Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader is still considerably lighter and faster;
  • MS Office style ribbon toolbar, which offers an amicable user interface and clear navigation. The toolbar is entirely customizable. The user can add new tabs with distinct document opened. So the user can decide, which buttons and documents will be located on which tab, or add a new tab with preliminarily setup favorable buttons;
  • full support of touch-screen technology, which makes it easier for application user to interact with Windows-based touch screen gadgets;
  • setting up and customization of personal portfolios. You may easily search for text, print or view file content via a single mouse click or tap;
  • the capability to add graphical hand-made annotations;
  • compliance with contemporary IT-area standards related to importing form data from a PDF-file, export data backwards or send the exported data by e-mail.

The most interested can find SDK on the official product page for the assistance in plugin and component design development by the team or by your own. Download Foxit Reader for free in order to get acquainted with the pro-approach of the app design and manual reference. This software means is compliant just with pdf file extension.

Format compatibility:

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