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Free App

DjVuReader is a free application, intended to open and read text files stored in djvu format. The utility is portable, so you don’t have to run a wizard in order to install the software tool within your Windows instance. The source code of DjVuReader is not distributed due to the license compliance, but you can easily use the applet in the commercial needs or on the enterprise without any financial wastes.

Primary DjVuReader features

Here is the list of highlights, associated with the described product:

  • the selection between single-form and dual-form viewing modes;
  • advanced customization of image brightness and contrast, which offers the possibility to define optimal orientation for the viewing. This particular option allows the user to read conveniently and comfortably from the PC screen;
  • the full indexation of the entire pages and document content is implemented;
  • the opportunity to copy the text fragment or image to the clipboard is added;
  • in DjVuReader the user has a chance to open all tabs in a single unified window. Thus, you don’t need to keep in memory multiple app instances, opened simultaneously. This feature works in the way similar to processing tabs in any contemporary web-browser;
  • simplified and intuitive navigation via the hotkeys combinations, accessible from the keyboard. You can even manage without any mouse controller application;
  • competent and finesse usability and workflow, which facilitates the interaction between the user and the toolset.

The noted package is a splendid software means for opening and reading DjVu files of any complexity, even the most secured ones. Download DjVuReader for free, get used to the GUI and start handling the e-books directly from your PC in an instance. The project supports viewing djvu- files only.

Format compatibility:

Download DjVuReader