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Evince is a freeware open-source based multi-format e-reader, compatible with Windows and Linux platforms. The original purpose of the utility developers was to create a universal tool, which could replace the range of existing GNOME docs viewers with a unified easy-to-use e-reader. As the time has shown, this intention has been partly successful and finally brought into life. Evince does not support all popular text formats and currently copes only with several of them.

Primary Evince features

Among the rival software products, Evince stands out due to multiple astounding highlights, associated with the package:

  • quick and simplified workflow, i.e. opening and loading of the document content;
  • the ability to save e-book as a local copy;
  • the print capability;
  • access to a row of comprehensive file properties;
  • integration with flexible search engine, which is able to display the quantity of processed entries and highlight the results on the active pages. As an option, the users may view the pages in the form of thumbnails, which considerably facilitates navigation within an opened document;
  • the variety of view modes, which offer slide-show and full-screen presentations, left and right view and two pages at a time display;
  • the toolset provides the selection of fragments in PDF-files and offers highlighting and copying of the text content within the documents, generated from the scanned images, in case the resulted PDF file contains OCR data;
  • the program suite conforms to DRM restrictions of PDF documents and prevents converting, printing and copying peculiar PDF files, but the user may overcome this limitation by setting up appropriate option in GConf toolkit;
  • highlighting of the text annotations in the document.

The project is partly unreplaceable for GNOME desktop environment users if the deal concerns the overcoming the DRM-rights restrictions in PDF file objects. Download Evince for free and you will be able to read even most the most complex documents, but evaluating the lack of supported formats. The applet is able to view and read pdf, djvu and xps files exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

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