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Nook is a Barnes & Noble’s eBook reader and library manager, which gives you access to universal collection of over 4 million in-trend titles, carefully chosen by the company expert booksellers. Nook is entirely compatible with mac OS and iOS environments, so you may install the applet on any of your Apple devices, regardless of its issue date.

Primary Nook features

The package serves as a unified platform for all of your reading picks, regardless of how many Apple devices you occasionally use. Considering this fact, you may obtain a unique experience right at your fingertips, which is expressed in the following way:

  • the artificial intelligence engine, which takes into account your preferences and selections and offers expert recommendations, latest bestsellers and new releases to you. The engine is self-learnt, so the better suggestions will be applied while you are using Nook more and more;
  • the unlimited access to over 1 million free titles. The choice of the free eBooks is evaluated depending on the copyright, which is not valid anymore for a range of the stories;
  • the free trial access to any magazine or newspaper for 14 days;
  • configurable screen brightness, page animations, margins, line spacing and font styles;
  • selection among Evening, Night or Daytime themes. Miscellaneously, you may generate your personal customized text and background color combination;
  • add highlights, bookmarks and notes while you are reading;
  • look up the unknown words meaning via the accessible in-app dictionary;
  • the unique assistive technologies, designed specifically for users with low vision or blindness (VoiceOver and screen magnification).

The package is highly advisable for the users, who prefer comfort and service over setup and efforts, but consider the financial issue. After you download Nook for free, you get access to whole potentials and book collection at that very moment, so check it out for yourself. The tool supports reading books, stored in ePub format.

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