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Marvin is a brilliant e-reader for iOS, which supports only DRM-free EPUB-files and CBR/CBZ comic books. The developer offers 2 versions of the product: proprietary Marvin Classic for early iOS versions (8.0 and before) and free Marvin 3 applet for the contemporary gadgets, based on iOS 9 and later. Further we will explain the notable differences between them and their individual potentials.

Primary Marvin features

At first, a few highlights of Marvin 3 applet, which is shared on the free base. Here is what it can do:

  • a brand new and beautiful interface, which conforms to the latest specifications of mobile industry;
  • fast and convenient opening of DRM-free and CBR books;
  • accordance to the latest iOS tech standards, i.e. iCloud, Today Widgets, Touch ID, Spotlight, Slide Over, and Split View, which belong to them;
  • vertical scrolling with edge tapping, guide bars and auto scroll;
  • integration with Goodreads;
  • Text-to-speech engine embedded support;
  • Karaoke option (for quicker reading);
  • statistics reading;
  • up-to-date library management tools and viewing modes;
  • entirely configurable individual landscape and portrait multi-column modes.

The possibilities of Marvin Classic commercial app are quite similar. Take into consideration the support of old-fashioned iPads and iPhones (up to iOS 7.0): if you are not going to acquire new gadget of the latest generation, this program is the one, which attracts positive feedback from media on the first sight. Here are several things, what it is eligible for:

  • high fidelity rendering;
  • unlimited variations and mixtures of page textures, background colors and text;
  • cloud sync;
  • embedded fonts and publisher layouts;
  • fully configurable gestures, swipe for warmth and brightness adjustment, snapping to chapters and bookmarks; page turn directions, etc.;
  • full book content search;
  • automatic vocabulary construction while you are looking up words in the dictionary;
  • integration with artificial intelligence engine, which lets to discover outstanding details about books, their events, places, characters and events and read them aloud (English only).

No matter how long ago your mobile gadget has been bought, you will surely find a suitable package for your personal needs, - just visit App Store following the link and download Marvin for free. The e-reader supports DRM-free epub files and cbr/cbz comic books.

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