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XPS Reader

Free App
XPS Reader

XPS Reader is a freeware program tool, which allows to open and view any XPS files on your Mac using a single applet from App Store. The package is compatible with mac OS operation environment. In order to read XPS file on the iPad or iPhone use paid XPS Reader Pro product, which contains larger possibilities.

Primary XPS Reader features

The free utility version has a considerable functional limitation: it allows to read only the first half of all the pages of XPS document. If you are entirely satisfied and pleased with the app capabilities, the developers offer an option to put away all limitations via execution of in-paid purchase or micro-transaction. In other way, you may refer to commercial XPS Reader Pro project.

Here is the brief description of most amusing application capabilities, which will immediately catch your eye:

  • fast, efficient and amicable switch between Tool Mode and Display Mode;
  • full screen view, which permits to read XPS-content, using the whole display size;
  • page thumbnails guarantee comfortable and simplified navigation between the document chapters or volumes;
  • searching pane allows to easily find the corresponding keyword in the text;
  • viewing scale for the font size increase on small-sized gadgets;
  • reading history to return to the book, which you have read before;
  • page rotation between portrait and landscape orientation;
  • bookmark and print management to facilitate access to noted document fragments and sent object to print appropriately.

Regarding XPS Reader Pro build, it provides export of XPS content to image formats, txt or pdf files and lets to extract images to GIF, BMP, JPEG or PNG objects similar to copying the images routine from your web-browser.

In order to get the basic impression from the toolset and visual GUI of the package, download XPS Reader for free from the App Store market, and only then decide, whether you need the full pro- build or you can easily manage without it. The program supports xps file extension exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

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