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MuPDF is an open-source mobile applet for iOS platform, which allows to quickly open and view any EPUB, CBZ, XPS and PDF documents right on your iPhone or iPad screen. The MuPDF program fully supports the whole spectrum of non-interactive PDF 1.7 functions, so you may tackle the finesse and rigour of simple API-interface toolkit in order to get access for internal structure of the PDF documents.

Primary MuPDF features

The toolset of the product is saturated with interactive and amicable features:

  • digital signatures application for the secured and reliable protection of the document;
  • form-filling;
  • picturesque and diverse annotations;
  • hyperlinks support, which is inevitable considering the contemporary PDF and XPS content dynamics and intenseness;
  • text search ability, which is common among all native or third-party XPS and PDF viewers;
  • text extraction option, which allows to copy the desired file text fragment into MS Word or LibreOffice Writer object.

Furthermore, the package offers the users to get acquainted with the rival text reflow engine, designed under the hood of MuPDF software solution. It permits the Apple gadget’s owners to reflow the width of the text during textual docs viewing. As a result, the resulted width will cover the whole screen size, so that you could read via simple scrolling down tap.

As a conclusion, we would like to mention the support of “progressive rendering” exclusive technology. These mechanics permit the mobile app users to view distinct pages in docs, that contain hundreds of thousands of pages, faster than via competitive iOS services and means. This feature is a must-have for readers of manuals and various technical documentation.

Download MuPDF for free, if you appreciate comfort and speed during the reading of massive volumes with the quantity of pages, counted above several thousands and more. The application is compatible with epub, cbz, xps and pdf file formats, and provides the reading abilities of noted above objects and containers.

Format compatibility:

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