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EBookDroid is an app for viewing documents and electronic books for Android. The current EBookDroid version provides more flexible approach for using fonts in pdf, comparing to previously released builds.

Primary EBookDroid features

Here comes the short list of basic EBookDroid services and tools:

  • support of the operations with online-libraries;
  • additional functions can be opened on click on the app logo in the upper left corner;
  • contains embedded file manager;
  • versatile approach to using fonts in PDF;
  • selection of the text and support of the dictionaries;
  • selection of the types of files for viewing;
  • the probability to customize user interface;
  • the ability to save, restore settings and more;
  • drawn from hand annotations;
  • based on the VuDroid code base;
  • text notes;
  • if external font is found in the folder next to the document, it will be used;
  • also user can define one or several catalogues (/sdcard/fonts by default) for searching external fonts;
  • if external font in the pdf-document coincides with title of the branch in one of the found in these catalogues, exactly this found font will be used in this occasion;
  • in other case, the more suitable font will be used from the NimbusL branch.

Among the merits of the tool is comfortable, not irritating with color gamma interface of the congestor.

As the developers say themselves, the program is extensive and improved version of the VuDroid app and stores all predecessor functions.

The tool works pretty fast and serves as the full-scope replacement of any of the existing e-book readers. Successfully works both on Android-smartphones and tablets.

The product supports the following file extensions: pdf, djvu, xps (OpenXPS), comic books (cbr, cbz) and FictionBook (fb2). If you wish to deal with the utility closer, simply download EBookDroid for free from Play Market store.

Format compatibility:

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