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NiXPS is an ultimate cross-platform pro XPS-reader or editor with advanced tech-options and a mass of extended functionalities. Extensive opportunities, wide gamma of decisions in usability area, intuitive and customizable UI – of all these solutions NiXPS can boast. If the price tag of 49$ for single-user license is too heavy for you, pay a little attention to XPS Annotator free tool. Despite it is distributed on the volunteer donationware license, it provides similar abilities with the exception of PDF export routine. XPS Annotator is able to export to image file, but not to PDF object.

Primary NiXPS features

The developers offer 2 distinctive products for their clients: NiXPS View and NiXPS Edit. At first, we would like to pause on the cheaper NiXPS View utility functionalities:

  • efficient and flexible user interface. The new Quicksearch button permits apply search while you are typing in the best traditions of MS Word-based office suites. Furthermore, in the latest app versions the exclusive QuickLook feature is integrated into Mac OS release build as well;
  • you may edit, move and add new notes and annotations right from the active app form;
  • integration with jаvascript scripting language, that gives you and your team generally unlimited abilities. You may apply it to run checks, perform manipulations, add custom text or graphics, etc.;
  • export to PDF, considering the compliance with PDF/A-1b specification.

Regarding NiXPS Edit possibilities, they are a bit wider comparing with the viewer. Thus, you may extract specific pages into distinct XPS documents and merge files into one, extract document elements and browse the file structure, change the color of any object in file, etc.

If you feel the necessity to buy a product suite for corporate application or often prepare finesse reports or projects personally, evaluate the application cost and download NiXPS (at least, its trial demo-version) for closer acquaintance with the tool. The applet supports any operations with xps format and is able to export docs to external pdf files.

Free alternatives to the app: XPS Annotator, Dolphin Futures XPS Viewer, Microsoft XPS Viewer.

Format compatibility:

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