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Microsoft XPS Viewer

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Microsoft XPS Viewer

Microsoft XPS Viewer is a program tool for viewing xps files on Windows platform, available in the operation system by default. In Windows 7, 8 and 10 you may find and run Microsoft XPS Viewer by pressing the Search button on task bar in the lower left corner of the screen and start typing “XPS” on the search form. In an instant the appropriate application entry will appear on the screen. If you are working in Windows Vista, XP or earlier build, your environment does not contain embedded tool set for dealing with XPS documents. In this case you will have to get Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack from the official page.

Primary Microsoft XPS Viewer features

XPS Viewer contains all relevant basic features, which the most sophisticated user may demand. You may:

  • open any XPS content;
  • save it with another distinctive name;
  • print it;
  • perform search routine in the text.

But if you required more advanced functionality, like selection between dual page, scroll or flip book modes, editing the file or compatibility with another platform, you will have to refer to rival projects, such as Dolphin Futures XPS Viewer or Pagemark XpsViewer. They provide extensive opportunities, which Microsoft applet cannot boast of. Nevertheless, regarding the layout of XPS file and visual representation of the embedded elements, everything is working on the high level of standards. As you can notice, that may concern of the majority of Microsoft software products. So, if you don’t require enhanced visual interface and editing file content ability, you don’t even need to download Microsoft XPS Viewer for free, as it is already available on your desktop PC. Thus, in Windows 7, 8 and 10 you may open XPS file any moment without any third-party software downloading and installation efforts. For Windows Vista and earlier releases refer to Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack free package, available following the link.

Format compatibility:

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