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Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a commercial desktop publishing tool with entry-level access. The major difference of the utility regarding Word text editor, is that Word relies particularly on text proofing and composition, whereas Microsoft Publisher places emphasis on page design and layout. The application is distributed both as a stand-alone package or as MS Office suite component.

Primary Microsoft Publisher features

The project contains essential and enhanced abilities, that assist to efficiently create, customize and multiply use various marketing materials, adapted for specific enterprise needs. Among them are:

  • quick start of the work with the usage of blank publications and customizable templates mass, including info-bulletins, brochures, ad notes, postcards, web-nodes, mail correspondence formats, etc.;
  • create the brand symbolisms for business and personal demands, which contain the enterprise name, contact info and emblem;
  • new search function lets to quickly find and view qualitative Publisher templates from web-node Office Online;
  • in order to make the search work faster, you can apply effective distribution means by categories, viewing, opening and saving the objects in “My templates” folder;
  • concurring usage of content, created for distinctive methods of publication and distribution;
  • you may choose one of 75 proficient color schemes, or create your own new scheme from scratch.

Using the trial package distributive, you may view the publishing materials created from another app instances, - just download Microsoft Publisher from the official page and install the trial version. In order to make your own content or edit existing documents you will require a license. The project supports wps and a variety of extensive formats.

Format compatibility:

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