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Samsung Notes

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Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is a mobile applet for creating notes, which contain music, voice recordings, images with footnotes and texts, for Android system. This program is perfectly compatible with any gadgets (phones and tablets), that belong to Samsung trademark. For all the rest devices, Microsoft OneNote will definitely be fit. Samsung Notes is able to import vnt-notes, created in S Memo app before, and keep working with them as with the native format.

Primary Samsung Notes features

The utility serves as a universal hub for all of your hand-written drawings, sketches and notes. It contains all appropriate needs for the most demanded note-writer: multiple color mixes and brush types, the sync with Samsung Cloud service and ability to share your masterpieces with members of mobile community. Let’s keep an eye on them in detail:

  • any note can be locked with text password to provide secure access to your private info;
  • you can make a predefined selection from a variety of colors, sizes and types of the graphical pen;
  • customization of the brush settings, i.e. color, type, opacity and size of the chosen brush;
  • full-scope integration with Smart Switch function, which allows to easily import S Memo and S Note program means data, copied from other mobile gadgets;
  • automatic sync of individual or a variety of notes and memos via Samsung Cloud mobile service
  • the opportunity to create notes while the device screen is in turned off state.

The major disadvantage of the application is the support of Samsung gadgets unexceptionally. If you have chosen this specific brand during the acquirement, download Samsung Notes for free in order to get on with the utility acquaintance right away. Otherwise, if you own an Apple, Lenovo, Huawei or any other trademark gadget, pay attention to Microsoft OneNote tool instead. Samsung Notes supports import of vnt note files, generated from S Memo applet for Android or other corresponding desktop program for Windows, Linux or mac OS.

Format compatibility:

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