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BlockSoft MemoBlock

BlockSoft MemoBlock

BlockSoft MemoBlock is a useful tool for storing and management of the text notes, designed for Mac OS X platform. Additionally to its primary purpose, the utility allows to transfer notes to iPod players, export them to supported mobile phones in the shape of vNotes (i.e., vnt files) and perform another supplemental functions. BlockSoft MemoBlock is a commercial project, so you may obtain only trial version of the product, which works for limited period.

Primary BlockSoft MemoBlock features

The applet is closely integrated with suite managers for handling iPods and mobile phones of some models. The main package target is to apply basic operations with text notes, stored on your Mac OS X system, i.e. adding or deleting them. This tool allows to store an unlimited number of text notes, which are accessible in your environment. If you desire to export your notes to iPod or another iOS-based gadget, this program will assist you as well. By the way, notes can be converted to vnt or rtf format during the export routine.

Regarding the miscellaneous options, you may set alarm reminders, applicable for individual notes. At last, you may refer to categorization or ordering of the notes by some criteria depending on your demands. These distinguished abilities make the product especially handy for those of the users, who often encounter with notes and would like to keep them synchronized with their mobile devices.

It’s a pity, but official support of the project is ceased currently. Thus, there’s no official resource of the app in the web anymore. Despite such circumstances, you may still find the distributive package on several popular software portals and download BlockSoft MemoBlock on your computer system. The manager supports vnt file extension and allows to export text notes to rtf format as well.

Free alternatives to the suite: Geany, Microsoft NotePad, AbiWord.

Format compatibility:

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